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Special Effects "Flame Car" 1967 Pontiac GTO

As seen in Vin Diesel's action-adventure films  xXx (2002) and  xXx: Return of Xander Cage  (2017)

xXx GTO side view Prague, Czech Republic

xXx GTO Triple-x Triplex Xander Cage Zander

xXx: Return of Xander Cage xXx3 Toronto

For further info, contact owner:

Thom Sherwood

(520) 798.3200 


The SFX Flame Car is now available for your next special event. Contact Thom to discuss details.

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xXx GTO featured on Jay Leno's Garage YouTube Channel

1967 Pontiac GTO Hardtop ... xXx GTO "Flame Car"

V.I.N.: 242177Z1xxXxx
ENGINE: 400cid Pontiac V8  "YS" Code
REAR DIFFERENTIAL: 3.23:1 Standard

Mechanically, this GTO remains very original to its as-built, stock configuration from the Fremont, California factory, and has been documented by Pontiac Historic Services (PHS-Online).

ORIGINALLY: Montreux Blue exterior w/ Blue vinyl interior

The Special Effects Flame Car xXx GTO  was constructed by Revolution Studios' contractors:

• John Frazier Special Effects (Sun Valley, CA)
• Eddie Paul's EP Customs (El Segundo, CA)

The one-and-only SFX Flame Car xXx GTO carries a Certificate of Authenticity from Revolution Studios and has been personally autographed by many of the talented individuals who helped conceive and build this car in late 2001 and early 2002, as well as by the actual celebrities and production crew on the set of both xXx films... including Vin Diesel!

Let there be no doubt: This is the actual car from the hit movie. It is not a clone or replica. It is NOT a George Barris commissioned "tribute car" or "promo car" that cleverly (but falsely) implies to be a genuine movie car (see note* below). There was only ONE "Flame Car" ever built, and this is it!

Functional SFX equipment and modifications built into this GTO, and as featured on-screen, include:

• Hardtop Roof permanently removed
• Bimba hardware installed in quarter panels and in windshield header bow to eject a fiberglass roof replica
• Shaved Door Handles with solenoid remote openers
• Custom Hood Scoop with Flame Thrower system
• Rocket Launcher system routed through upper headlights with breakaway T-3 lenses
• Spy Dashboard with custom gauges, monitors, GPS, SatNav, nitrous tank, etc.
• Grant Steering Wheel
• Passenger-side Bucket Seat has a custom tear-away flap that reveals an American Flag Parasail
• Mechanized Flipping Rear Seat reveals a hidden cache of Spy Weaponry
• Patriot Side Exhausts
• Weld ProStar Wheels
• BFGoodrich Radial TA Tires
• Color-shifting ChromaLusion  paint by Dupont: "Indigo Blasberry Prizm"
• European License Plates "KY 29-0"

Now available for special appearances nationwide!

The SFX Flame Car  xXx GTO is now available to make a rare appearance at your next car show, comic-con, fan event, corporate gathering or personal ride-along (yes, the car is street legal). To learn more, be sure to watch the Jay Leno's Garage segment by clicking the TV icon above, and then contact Thom Sherwood at (520) 798-3200 in Tucson, Arizona for further details and a quote.

*A SPECIAL NOTE regarding the authenticity of movie cars...

From time to time, a Pontiac might appear for sale on an online auction site claiming to be from 'xXx.'  You might wonder if it is a genuine "movie car."

Please understand that car customizer George Barris had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the GTO that appears in this film franchise. He did not design the xXx GTO nor did he build it. Absolutely NONE of his vehicles are actual screen-used cars from the movie; they are merely replicas, tributes, clones or fakes (choose whichever term YOU prefer to use).

Mr. Barris was known to have commissioned at least two (and possibly as many as four) "xXx GTO" replicas for his so-called West Coast and East Coast operations. Those cars were each built AFTER the movie was released, primarily to appear on the major car show circuit (World of Wheels, AutoRama, etc.) beginning in 2003. Accordingly, they have no provenance as a genuine movie car REGARDLESS of how clever its description or signage attempts to suggest otherwise. Again, those cars are nothing other than vehicles which were promoted by "Barris Kustom Industries" and hence might carry its own in-house documentation as being a "Barris Kustom"... whatever that is worth.  Bid accordingly.

The SFX Flame Car  xXx GTO, however, as featured on this website, IS a genuine, authentic, screen-used movie car with indisputable provenance and documentation from Revolution Studios (and it has no connection whatsoever to George Barris). And NO, it is NOT FOR SALE, nor have you seen it advertised for sale anywhere recently.

If you have questions regarding the authenticity of ANY OTHER specific vehicle purportedly from this movie franchise, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to film historian Thom Sherwood at (520) 798-3200.